Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in review

Visiting the University of Mary Washington
Ringing in the New Year!
It's my first day back to work in 2013.  I've been rolling over in my head what I wanted to write to try and recap 2012 - it was a pretty life-changing year for my family.  With the coup in Mali, moving to Washington, DC, starting a new job and getting married - I hit a lot of life-changing bases!  I'm thankful to have shared in them with the people I did - family and friends who saw me through it all.  There were also a number of loved ones my family lost this year (Abdoulaye's nephew, Sheri's father, Abdoulaye's grandmother and father and a dear friend's father) and I'm also thankful to have had them in my lives.

As I look back, the times I remember most of this past year were experiences with family and dear friends.  This year, I'm looking forward to celebrating Abdoulaye's and my marriage with them in May and finishing my degree in International Education and all the little moments in between that truly make memories!

I think Abdoulaye and I started the year off right by having lunch with some college girlfriends in Fredericksburg, visiting my alma mater (the University of Mary Washington) and snuggling at home.  He's almost been in the US a whole month and I fall asleep each night thankful that he's here.

See more pictures from our end-of-year and new year festivities here

Here's a little link recap of 2012 :)

I visited Marija in Boston
I started my a degree in International Education at SIT
Cassie and Laura through us an engagement party in Bamako!
turned 26 :)
There was a coup d'etat in Mali (seems piddly to just have a line for this when the coup is so much more than a line in my blog)
I learned more about the African immigrant in America experience through Shola Ajayi
I met Abdoulaye's family in Guinea
Elaine and Noah got married!
I started working at WRI
Amanda & Ryan had a baby!
Cassie and I moved in together :)
Memaw visited DC
Kate and Tony got married!
Started volunteering with FLOC
Abdoulaye's visa got approved!
Abdoulaye and I got married!

What are you excited about in 2013??

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  1. So lucky to have shared so much of this with you! Happy 2013.


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