Monday, February 27, 2012


So many treasures!
Cassie invited Abdoulaye and I over this past weekend for dinner to welcome me back to Mali.  Little did we know she had also collaborated and invited the rest of our Bamako crew for a surprise engagement party!

We dined on heart-shaped quiches, cookies, and pita chips and enjoyed toasts over champagne and apple cider.  Abdoulaye and I are so blessed to be surrounding but such awesome family and friends around the world.  
heart shaped quiches among other delicious treats
Cassie made heart-shaped cookies and decorated them with chocolate icing.  Then Laura said "Hey, it's like Jennifer and Abdoulaye!" :)
Sweet ladies


  1. what an awesome idea!! way to go Cassie! I was there in spirit - Essy

  2. Aren't I lucky?? We felt your spirit!


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