Friday, October 18, 2013

going home where you are.

This past (long) weekend I went to visit Kate, one of my oldest friends.  She has known me since I got chased by bullies around our portable classroom in the 5th grade to when we chased boys in high school and now as we chase our dreams in cities far away from one another.

It's such a delightful feeling to go home to somebody.  As we move around, our homes change and the people around us are different but there is that lovely feeling of familiarity with a friend who has known you through so much.

We spent the weekend watching TV shows, catching up on family stories, going on walks around the block and snuggling with her French bull dog, Cash.  We did all this while drinking diet Dr. Pepper and eating cookies leftover from a care package for her husband, Tony, who is currently serving our country abroad.

Kate's mom, who is a surrogate mother to me, called while we were in the middle of one of our television marathons to check in on us.  She said we sounded like a couple of old married ladies staying in on a Saturday night watching our shows.  Kate, I love being an old married lady with you!

More pictures from our trip here!
just a couple of ol' married ladies.
dancing at the lost river cave.
Jesse James hid out with his bandits at the Lost River Cave
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