Monday, August 20, 2012

a Capitol weekend

Memaw and I visited the Capitol last weekend and Cassie and I headed back for another spin of the Congressional building with former Congressman Jim Moody.  The neatest fact I learned?  What is the first country to have recognized America's independence?  Answer below! 
With former Congressman Jim Moody
Jim Moody is a former Congressman from Wisconsin (though born in Virginia!) on the board of Relief International, which has most recently been involved with providing support to the thousands of Malian refugees both internally and externally displaced as a result of the unrest in the North of the country (and instability in the South).  We spent a few hours exploring the Capitol and even got to sit in the seats of the House of Representatives' Chamber where the State of the Union is delivered!
the Supreme Court room
our touring crew
with baby Claire!
On Sunday, Amanda and Ryan's aunt threw them (and their new baby Claire) a book shower.  A sweet way for friends and family to contribute to their baby girl's growing book collection!  It was a treat to see my college girlfriends and enjoy some I-95 traffic together.  Definitely some treasures!
Mary Washington ladies (Claire included!)

Answer to question above!

See more pictures from the weekend here!


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