Monday, January 7, 2013

weekend wonders

With Auggie, David & Cat at the USBG
This past weekend was a treasure.  We worked on Abdoulaye's green card application (to be sent today!), visited the United States Botanic Garden, saw the Hobbit at the Uptown theater and hung out with some great friends.  

Abdoulaye has been in the US now for just over a month and I am constantly amazed (and delighted) with his adaptation to life here.  Of course there are ups and downs and whenever anyone asks him if he misses Guinea he says he always will, but overall we're slowly making DC our home and excited about being here.

The weather is also being a tease - at times it feels like snow and others like we're on the verge of Spring.  Days are getting longer, too - no more leaving work when it's dark outside!

A Capitol love


  1. I love your scarf! Perfect match to the gardens :) I can't wait to visit there after seeing your photos! Thanks again for the help this weekend!

  2. can't believe that baby boy is so big already! i remember seeing him last new year's when i dropped you off at their house.

    good luck with the green card app! another process... but unlike the fiance visa, this time you get to do it with both of you in the states.


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