Thursday, January 3, 2013

lovely lavender


To celebrate our marriage ceremony, Cassie sent Abdoulaye and me a lavender wreath and it's a slice of heaven in our apartment.  Lindsay and I were going to carry dried lavender bouquets but, in case you didn't know, dried lavender kind of dissolves everywhere if you hold it long enough and soon you're left with empty, dead branches so we abandoned the idea since that wasn't quite the effect I was going for.

But wreaths!  Perfect!  The wreath that Cassie ordered (find it here!) was the perfect centerpiece for our impromptu indoor ceremony and now I'm loving it as a daily reminder of our friendship and Abdoulaye's and my marriage.  It will also be a daily reminder to try and be a thoughtful friend like the ones I am surrounded by.   So lucky and thankful!

I love lavender!  Also makes me think of Jackie :)

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