Friday, July 11, 2014

baby Bangoura: 7-19 weeks

telling Mom & John the news.
When we found out we were expecting a baby back in March, I knew I wanted to take pictures every week with the corresponding fruit size of the baby (for all those who don't/didn't know - you can sign up for emails and each week they email you and let you know your baby has graduated from the size of a blueberry to a raspberry to a mango and so on).  There are examples all over Pinterest but one of the photographers I follow put this post up and I loved what she had done.

Not much happens in the beginning (in terms of the belly growing) and then all of a sudden you're showing so we skipped from week 7 to week 19 (OK, might have been some, oops, we forgot happening there, too) but just imagine me getting incrementally bigger from week 7 to 19 and you'll know what I looked like.

7 weeks and the size of a blueberry to 19 weeks an the size of a mango.  

For posterity's sake, I want to remember here some of my favorite parts of the pregnancy so far:

Finding out!  I took the test and it immediately made that little plus sign (much to my surprise though Abdoulaye said he already knew I was pregnant).  Abdoulaye was making coffee and getting ready to leave for work when I peeked out of the bathroom with a big ol' grin on my face.  I called the doctor that morning to set up a pre-natal appointment and I said, "I think I'm pregnant..."  "Did you take a pregnancy test?" the nurse asked.  "Yes!" "Was it positive?"  "Yes!" "Did you miss a cycle?" "Yes!"  "Then you're pregnant!"

Telling family and friends.  Marija offered me a glass of wine and I said no and she said "You're pregnant!"  This was quite early on so let it be known that if you want to conceal your pregnancy, don't hang around Marija.  Cassie and I were at this movie when I told her and we squealed over the news while sharing candy.  Kate was in the baby section of Target when I called and was so, so happy.  When we told Sheri, Lindsay & Dan, Abdoulaye said "We have some news."  They nodded.  "We're moving to Virginia!"  They looked puzzled.  "Just joking.  Jennifer's pregnant."  Heads cocked to the side.  Mrs. Shellnutt was picking me up at the Tampa airport and said I was taking too long and costing her money on parking as I walked through the gate.  Then she saw my belly!

Going to pre-natal appointments with some of my favorite treasures.  Mom & Memaw came to my 9 week check-up and we saw the baby for the first time (sort of, it was still pretty murky); Marija came to my 12-week appointment and bawled/sobbed at little baby Bangoura when I had another sonogram and Cassie came to my 14-week and we got to hear the heartbeat (now the nurses/doctor wonder where my posse is when I come to appointments alone).  Abdoulaye has come with me to my specialist ultrasound appointments where they take pictures of all the baby's parts.  We found out we're having a girl on Wednesday (at my 20-week appointment) and were totally surprised.  Lots of folks thought it was a boy!

Enjoying the now and getting ready for what comes next.  Thankfully, so far I've felt great.  No morning sickness.  My back feels fine.  I can get around OK.  But I know it's just the beginning and summer isn't over yet and I'm getting bigger by the day.  It's been such a blessing to be surrounded by loving family & friends for the beginning of this new chapter of our lives and to experience the support of colleagues and neighbors.  Thank you!!

And since Abdoulaye finds the expression "We're pregnant" puzzling/humorous, and I take practice shots on him to get the lighting/position right for my photo shoot, here are some outtakes from my fruit shots with my handsome husband. 

7 weeks and the size of a blueberry to 19 weeks an the size of a mango.  Everyone tells him he looks fantastic.

Any and all baby/pregnancy suggestions are welcome - goodness knows folks let the advice pour in when that belly starts sticking out!  :) :)  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Our little sparkler.
 Last year, Cassie and I spent the morning of the 4th of July making American & Guinean flag cakes (that American/Guinean children begrudgingly ate) for a Guinean 4th of July party.

This year, we spent the morning picking blueberries & beets at Larriland Farms, the afternoon watching the Brazil vs Colombia World Cup match and the evening watching the fireworks from the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH).  I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I forgot my camera's memory card at home for our trip to the farm so I don't have any pictures but imagine lots of blueberries, raspberries & beets.   And sunshine.  And smiles.  And then we got BBQ from the Town Grill - a must visit if you're headed out to Larriland Farms or Howard County.

The World Cup game was actually the first one I watched all the way through and it wasn't a disappointment (sorry, Colombia!).  I always enjoy Africa is a Country's reviews and their summaries of the World Cup do not disappoint - especially this post about racism in Brazil (sorry to read this post about the AP stealing their content).

The AFRH was such a treasure! Beautiful views of the DC skyline, food trucks, parking and views of fireworks on the Mall and in the neighborhood.  It was also an appropriate location to remind me of the reason we celebrate the 4th of July and the men and women who serve our country.

Who knows what our next 4th of July will bring?  There'll be one more of us along for the ride to celebrate - hopefully we can go berry picking and see the fireworks again from the AFRH.

Cassie promised us she would spend every 4th of July with us so we could take the same couch picture (see 2013).
Come on, those smiles.

Peeks of the fireworks on the Mall
Street fireworks going off nearby.
Fourth of July 2013
Fourth of July 2012
Fourth of July 2011
Fourth of July 2010 
Fourth of July 2009


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