Monday, August 13, 2012


 Memaw rode the Amtrak train to Union Station on Friday and I picked her up on a lunch pause to begin a weekend adventure.  I brought her back to the office where she met a number of colleagues before settling in nicely in a chair next to my desk.  I could get used to spinning around and having her cute little face right there!

On Saturday we took a tour of the Capitol with a group of folks Cassie and I met at the Ambassador of Mali's home last month.  Afterwards, we followed the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress and saw where Memaw wrote her papers while a student at George Washington University.  Then we took the bus to Georgetown, had lunch and picked up some groceries and cupcakes for a little soiree.

Sunday morning we donned skirts and dresses and headed to Foundry United Methodist Church where Memaw was baptized (as well as my Mom and aunts) and where she married my Granddaddy 64 years ago tomorrow.  It was such a treat to sit in the same sanctuary where such important events in Memaw's life took place and were commemorated.  You can see the White House from the sidewalk in front of the church and Memaw told me how dignitaries and foreign visitors would come to Foundry while in town and the secret service would be there.  DC is thrilling for me now and to hear Memaw's stories I know it was just as thrilling way back when.

Last night we had an intimate Baha'i study circle meeting of myself, Memaw and my friend Kyra where we talked about prayer and its place in our lives and what prayer means (coincidentally, the same topic of the sermon at Foundry!).  Again, such a special time to share with Memaw and listen to her prayers and thoughts behind the act.

Memaw will board the train bound for Virginia Beach (via Newport News) this afternoon and I'll get cracking on some school work that is itching to get done.  I've been spoiled having her here and will miss my little shadow and cute-as-can-be companion.  Enjoy some photos from our trip below!

With the suffragettes
With new friends (many-if not all-members of AMAW (Association des Maliens de Washington, DC)
Foundry United Methodist Church
Keeping it comfy in the apartment

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