Monday, January 30, 2012

Boston Beauties (and a little bit o' Salem)

Marija took me to the beautiful Bapst Art Library to study.  We got lots accomplished!  And this might be my favorite picture of us together that we've ever taken.  And we've taken a lot.

David is a cousin of mine that lives in Massachusetts with his wonderful wife and family.  The last time I saw him he was getting married in Rockport, MA - look at the beautiful babies he and his wife made since!

Karen and Marija are choosy ladies.  Jukebox music at Tom English's Cottage and literature for Nellie at the apartment.
Suzy and I became pool sharks :)
What a treat it was to visit Boston!  Great food at the likes of The Paramount and The Publick House, and great studying and dart/pool playing at Bapst library and Tom English's Cottage (respectively).  I loved getting the chance to see my cousin David and his wife Natalie and their beautiful children while seeing downtown Salem and eating the best chicken wings I've ever had!  (David is a chef - and a darn good one at that!)   So many thanks to Marija & Chris for hosting me and Suzy for bringing me all the way to Vermont to start grad school!  I'm surrounded by treasures!! 

See more pictures from my east coast ventures here!

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