Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Africa from A-Z: Burundi

When I am putting together these Africa from A-Z posts, I often feel like I am skimping too much on the information.  How do you write one blog post about countries with histories and cultures so rich I probably could devote an entire blog to each of them?  But I only have but so many fingers and there are only but so many minutes in a day.  Nonetheless, I am enjoying the opportunity to hear new languages through YouTube videos and learn a little more about the nuances of the culture - few as I have time to explore!

I like the name of the capital of Burundi, Bujumbura, and the official language, Kurundi.  Here is a quick overview of investments in Burundi and if you are looking for natural treasures in Burundi, look no further!   There are many links to safari sites as well as national parks and reserves such as Kibira National Park.  And if you are looking for unique plants and animals in Burundi- there you go! 

I like this blog's use of the word 'treasure' while talking about Burundi and I appreciate his perspective, as an African, on the way African history is taught to Africans.  What do you think?

I am also finding it difficult to find normal, day-to-day news about the countries I am researching.  Maybe I am not researching properly in order to unearth such news (googling country+good news usually yields a lot of Christian sites).  Any tips out there for finding less sad/depressing information on Africa?  However, I did find an article about a baby named 'Good News.'  Hope she turns out to be a smiler.

Here a few links from around the web and a few videos to peruse:
Public/private sector conference in Burundi
A bar killing of 36 puts 16 people in jail.
Kind of a stretch but this pendant has the edges of a Burundi postage stamp on it! 
Life After Violence: A People's Story of Burundi.
Drummers of Burundi.
No more negative images of Africa from Africa - The Good News.

The president, Pierre Nkurunziza, talks about Burundi

Do you have any links to good Burundi sites?  What do you think about these Africa from A-Z posts?


  1. Chupi, what about this website?

    Country profiles, too!

  2. Thanks for sharing chupes! I'll check it out!


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