Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heading North!

had to make this one x-large - I love it!

Mom & Memaw picking me up from Sandy's in October (2011)

Imagine this beautiful trellis surrounded by a few more puddles and heavy rain clouds.

Does this picture make you hungry?
I am making my way up the eastern seaboard (and a little bit inland) on my way to SIT to begin graduate school (the time is finally here!).

On Saturday morning, Mom loaded Memaw and I (and some snacks) into the car and took us to Williamsburg to meet Aunt Sandy for a trade-off and then brunch at the Trellis - what a treat!

Once in Richmond I dropped off my bags and met up with Laura and Jackie (next time, Amanda & Ryan!).  After seeing my cousin Dave's beautiful new home, Sandy, Memaw, Megan, Dave & I headed for dinner at Stella's.  I shared artichoke moussaka and a kale salad with Sandy that were scrumptious.  Later that night Jackie, Laura, Taylor, Seth and I made a late night run to Country Style Donuts for a sweet treat.  Food spoiled much?

It is just the beginning of the journey and I am looking forward to the rest - stay tuned for more!

**And we did lunch at the Franklin Inn - grilled cheese and chili!


  1. Where North are you heading, missy?!? Anywhere near Pittsburgh?

    Miss you!!!

  2. I'm sorry I hopped right over you by air on my way to Boston! I'm headed to Vermont and am in Boston until the weekend. Miss you, too - thanks for reading!

  3. thanks again for a great visit! the donuts were truly the icing on the cake..


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