Friday, September 28, 2012

this & that

Thank you Heather for this photo!
Next week is October, hurrah!  I just love this picture of my Mom and I at Kate & Tony's wedding so I had to share.  School is in full-ish swing so that's been occupying my time while Mali (read here for more) is always on my mind.  I'm looking forward to spending quality time with friends this weekend and getting another week closer to Abdoulaye's arrival :)

Yesterday, our office had a Women in the Field panel discussion with women from WRI talking about their experiences and how they brought them to where they are today.  At the end, the women imparted some of their sage advice; here are some of my favorites in haiku form!

Bloom where you’re planted.
You’re the thinker of your thoughts.
Life is not scripted.

Do you have any special weekend plans?  Hope you have a good one!

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