Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Jackie & Taylor came, too so we had to go to Carl's
Don't you want to rub this little otter's belly?  At the Otter House
Breakfast cheers at the Kenmore Inn! 
Waiting on my train (coming from the other direction :) 
 This past weekend I headed to Fredericksburg, VA to see Sarah's show - what a treat!  Not only do her works catch you and keep you coming back to look just one more time, Sarah has the same effect!  I'm so glad I was able to go down and visit with a dear friend who I met so many moons ago through a French conversation group that met on a bench in front of Hyperion in downtown Fredericksburg.

I went to the University of Mary Washington (just up the hill from downtown) and I love going back to where I spent 4 wonderful years of my life.  Walking into Libertytown and through the streets of downtown I was held by that comforting feeling of a place that is always changing and at the same time stays the same.  I imagine that's what it will be like when I one day return to Mali.   It was so good to see familiar faces (especially Kathleen Walsh whose new show opened at the Hill Center in DC this week).

Kate's sister, Corrie, also treated us to breakfast at the Kenmore Inn, which was a real delight.  Biscuits and gravy?  Yes, please!  Another friend invited us to lunch at the Sunken Well Tavern - does the generosity ever end??  We also got to spend some quality time with Sarah's family while watching football and keeping an eye underfoot for children and a little pup :)

I am so sorry to hear the news of the passing of the US Ambassador to Libya along with others (as yet unnamed).  

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