Monday, July 23, 2012

one of the ones.

Cheick Hamala Diabate, me, Ambassador Al Maamoun Keita

Breaking the fast and wishing Andrea, the girl in stripes, a Happy Birthday (she's making a film documentary on the Festival in the Desert)
Washington National Cathedral by night
It's wild how one event can lead to another.  Last Tuesday Cassie, Beatrice and I manned a table at the Peace Corps event 'Around the World in 90 minutes' for Peace Corps recruits, nominees and those just interested in joining the Peace Corps.  While there, one of the guys running the show (a Mali RPCV) told us about a show at the Bossa lounge where Cheick Hamala Diabate would be playing.  I had heard of him through the Fringe Festival because he's playing a show at the end of the month.

All of that to say Cassie and I found ourselves at the Malian Ambassador (Al Maamoun Keita - appointed just 6 months ago) to the United States' home on Friday night (it's right across the street from the Malian embassy) for a Mali-fundraiser and to break the fast together on the first night of Ramadan.  We met the bureau chief for the African Sun Times, the President of the Africa Travel Association, the co-founder of the Diaspora Angel Investment Network (DAINand it was all organized by the Association des Maliens de Washington, DC (AMAW) - among many others!  The night also included a surprise (to me) performance by Supernova of his latest single 'Gogo Danseuse'.  

One of the drummers at the ambassador's home made a beautiful speech about all of us doing our part for the over 300,000 internally and externally displaced refugees who have been forced from their homes by the current political and social instability in Mali.  He said we are all one of the ones - each of us can make a difference.  I am going to try and keep his words in mind!

PS- Cassie and I might also be one of the ones featured in a Supernova dance video - I'll keep you posted if that develops! :) 

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