Monday, August 27, 2012

a baby shower!

Monica in all her glory with lots of pink boxes and bags to uncover
Monica and Samer were married in Lebanon last June.  Hard to believe how quickly time flies!  Soon they'll be welcoming a baby - can you guess the gender?!  

After eating this fabulous cake and cookies made by Monica's cousin, we lounged in the living room and read each other's tarot cards - delightful!

August 2012
This is what a year has done to us - I've got longer hair (with a lot less hairspray) and Monica has a baby growing inside her!
June 2011
A year later I come back to these two pictures every time as my favorites.  I'm so excited for Monica and Samer to welcome their baby girl - I know everyone can't wait to meet her!

See more pictures from the baby shower here :)

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  1. Thanks Jennifer! Samer and I are so blessed to have you a part of our lives! From us dating, to the wedding, and now our baby! 2 more months and you will be able to use your amazing camera skills and take some pictures of her!


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