Thursday, August 2, 2012

the olympic spirit.

paper flower bouquets (from old magazines and trash paper) and our olympic medals. 
Maybe it's the lack of a television in my home.  Maybe it's a lack of sports passion.  All I know is I wasn't in the Olympic spirit.  All that changed when Office Olympics became the topic at the water cooler.  Putt-putt, nerf basketball and sack racing?  My kind of competition!

Soon after starting at WRI I learned about the fun committee.  Party planning and merry making?  Count me in!  My first party collaboration was working with WRI Office Olympics and my responsibility was to coordinate the paper bouquet making (a task created more out of my desire to make them than a real need for them) and to help set-up.  I threw in my potato-sack racing participation to be a good sport :)

Cassie asked me if I would compete at the event and I said how I'm so not competitive - but maybe I'll try the sack racing.  But when I put my feet in that white flour sack - something changed inside me and all I wanted was to cross that broken-door piece finish line.  See below for some pictures from the event!  Thanks to everyone who made WRI Office Olympics 2012 such a delight - and my colleague for snapping pictures of me that continue to make me laugh out loud.
ping pong (table tennis for the pros) was neck-to-neck with putt-putt for competitors
with water and sand traps - a take-no-prisoners green.
potato sack races.  i've totally got my serious face on. 
jet propulsion or someone tripped me.  i think the former.  
And now for real Olympic athletes like Daba Modibo Keita who is representing Mali at the 2012 London Olympics and Virginia Beach's Gabby Douglas in gymnastics (she competes today!).   Will they bring home the gold??

What's your favorite Olympic sport?   Have you ever been?  

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