Thursday, August 9, 2012

smith mountain lake and the love stone inn.

 This past weekend I snuck away to meet the family (via Virginia Beach) at Smith Mountain Lake at the Love Stone Inn, a Bed & Breakfast tucked into a cove on one of the 550 miles of coastline on the lake.  Looking for trifles and treasures?  This house is full of 'em!  Some reviews on Trip Advisor are harsh but I had a delightful time (in spite of the overflowing cupboards and boundless tschokes).  Time with family, lots of snacks, a houseboat and time for naps?  My kind of weekend.  I'm also reading Cold Sassy Tree, which is making me feel super-southern and speak with a twang....

Here are some of my favorite pictures and a little video I put together of our trip.  And as though this past weekend wasn't enough excitement, I have a surprise guest coming to DC on Friday!

breakfast crew
Sheri the adventurer!
i love this one
the vacation wouldn't be complete without a group Skype call to Abdoulaye!
see more pictures from our trip here!

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  1. I see a bunch of trouble makers. It looks like you and your family had a lovely lake visit:-)


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