Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend wonders.

picnic party for two.  i can't get over it, i love this picture!
the washington national cathedral
not real ants on our plants!

eastern market meets (north)western dweller.
This weekend was a treasure.  Only one or two things planned and sweetly filled in by unexpected delights.  Cassie and I made a trip to St. Alban's Episcopal Church Opportunity Shop for their $7 bag sale - and their last day open before an August close.  Then we visited the Capital Fringe Festival, which had their last shows for 2012 yesterday to see Burlesque and Belly Laughs (I volunteered and got free tickets!  Woohoo!).  A little more skin than we were expecting (along with some improv comedy which we were) and like the announcer said - I'll never again be able to say I haven't seen a burlesque show...though that question is rarely posed to me....

After the show we headed to Busboys and Poets, which hosts cool events like these.  Our Saturday afternoon was a homey one and we trooped to the park behind the National Cathedral for a sunset/moonrise picnic.  Swoon!  I loved it and we were practically the only ones there.

Cassie and I missed the Cheick Hamala Diabate show last night because we were exhausted after biking to and from the Eastern Market on Sunday morning to meet Cat & David (and their butterball turkey!) for brunch and market perusing (about 18 miles round trip!).  I got some bread and an ice cream cone :)

How was your weekend?  I'm still on the look-out for DC favorites!  :)

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