Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bicyclespace yoga.

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OK - so that's not even remotely what I looked like when I did yoga at BicycleSpace last night.  But it was still a good time!  On Mondays at 7:15 (and Saturdays at 8:30am) the shop hosts free yoga classes (on a donations basis, which benefit local bike causes and groups).  I didn't catch the name of the non-profit our donations went to but it was something encouraging women in cycling; I've got no qualms with that!  

I found this article when searching for like-minded bike groups, What Will Encourage More Women to Bike, which talks about just that and says that safety is what women want when thinking about biking around town.  Now I want to read this book!  

I rode the Rock Creek Park path to work for the first time yesterday and am hooked - no stop lights, no waiting and gorgeous scenery.  What I want when biking is smooth roads, sun protection and clean air.    

Check out BicycleSpace's video below promoting yoga at their shop:
Do you bike?  I ride mine everywhere!  I think I'm too antsy to wait for planes, trains and automobiles :)  OK, I'll wait for trains.... 

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