Thursday, July 5, 2012

fourth in review.

roof rise.
After recovering from last night's bike ride with some blueberry pancakes (below) and Peace Corps talk, I napped and then headed to a colleague's for a 4th of July rooftop party.  The fireworks were lovely but the moon stole the show.  Tasty treats, fun conversation and a neat art project you can learn more about here.  

The project asked us to think about what independence in America means and then write it on a large piece of painted canvas.  What do you think independence means?
street fireworks. 
keeping it red-white-&-blue-y with the hostess.
I think this is big Mali news - what do you think??  How did you celebrate - any favorite 4th traditions?  Next year, Abdoulaye will be here!!


  1. I love this blog...haha. It was great to hang out for the 4th!


  2. :) Thanks, Candy! For reading and for hosting!


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