Friday, June 22, 2012

have a sweet weekend.

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Today kicks off my first weekend living in Washington, DC (the Capitol is right around the corner from my office - really makes me feel like I'm living in the capital!).  At lunch today, Benevolent Media ("a celebration of storytelling and design for good") kicked off their 2nd annual festival with a panel of video/video related presenters working in the NGO/international development field right here in the WRI office.  I'm looking forward to more presentations like it, which seem to happen often around here.  It was neat to hear from a wide range of people involved in the process and get their insider scoop on video-making and NGO work. 

Tomorrow I'll sign a lease for an apartment (!) and will meet friends - both new and old - for some bon voyage gatherings.  School work at SIT continues so I'll do some readings and try and get ahead for the following week.   

I've been reading more now that I have a commute (and don't yet have a bike to my name).  In between stops on the metro I'm reading Isabel Allende's The Infinite Plan.  I love her work and this book is no exception, if not a bit more intense, than some of her other books I've read. 

How are you celebrating the first official week of summer?  Have any book recommendations?

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  1. That's so exciting! What neighborhood are you in? I used to live in Columbia Heights. I love that the city has a bike share system now! You should really try out my favorite restaurants! (


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