Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Around and about

   My brother, Michael, and his wife recently made a new addition to their household - a golden retriever puppy named Midas!  On Monday after returning from Pittsburgh, I walked to their place to meet Dad, Sheri & Lindsay for dinner (and forgot my camera!).  On Tuesday, Michael brought Midas over to Mom and John's for some quality time with our dogs Tyson and Karma (who, we have determined, are cousins).  It was fun watching John and Michael wrangle all the pups together for a photo :)
Mom thinks Tillamook is the best kind of cheese!
Cassie continues to make waves in the Lomax/Davis household.  Although we miss eating dinner with her while watching Wheel of Fortune, she sent us a package containing Tillamook cheese (and other Oregon treasures) that is keeping her spirit alive.

This morning I had the chance to give mock interviews to VBCPS students at Tallwood High School's Global Studies and World Languages Academy (the same ones I presented to last month).  In between interviews, I talked with another of the interviewers who works for CMA CGM - one of the largest shipping container groups in the world based here in Norfolk, VA.  It's a French shipping company with offices around the world (and they're hiring!).  Neat!

And Mali makes the headlines.  Three men were charged with the assault of interim president, Dioncounda Traore.  I also really hope locusts don't swarm Mali.  As though they (nor anyone!) need that right now.  It's wild how this potential disaster, like the current chaos happening in the north of Mali, is being linked to Gaddafi and how his name continues to dot headlines involving Mali.

On a lighter - and kickier - note, the first African taekwondo-er to win a world-championship - Daba Modibo Keita- will compete in the Olympics this summer in London.  Here's hoping he makes a splash and keeps Mali's name in the news - for good!       

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