Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Africa from A-Z: Cape Verde

It's the start of a new semester (for me!) and I'm feeling inspired.  In order to meet some of my personal and academic goals, I'm going to try harder to post more often about topics relevant to my professional interests in order to expand my understanding of them and hopefully yours, too!

First up, bringing back the Africa from A-Z series...  I'm going to blame the slip-up on that one on the coup.  Next up, I'll post on an international education topic and also music I've been listening to.  Maybe I'll throw in a craft project every now and again, too.  And now, for some tidbits on Cape Verde!

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A former Portuguese colony and a teeny-tiny country (population 523,568) comprised of 10 islands off the coast of western Africa, Cape Verde looks like a little paradise to visit though I'm sure the day-to-day life isn't quite so (p)beachy.  Cidade Velha is a UNESCO heritage site and here's a cookbook if you'd like to make something Cape Verdian.  I want to get this children's book about a grandmother from Cape Verde who immigrated to the US and misses her family when I have my own little babies to read to.
I heard this song all the time in Mali (it's Malian musician with Cape Verdian singer Cesaria Evora).  Neat there's a connection to Mali! :)  And here's a children's romper from Etsy with a Cape Verdian (and apparently Cesaria Evora-ian flair!) that is too cute.

Have you ever visited Cape Verde?  Any ideas for topics you'd like me to cover in International Education?

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