Wednesday, June 27, 2012

chad is rad.

Image source from the pumpkinbear shop on etsy :) 
Well, I don't know much about Chad (knew even less before sleuthing around for this blog post!) but it's somewhere I should know more about - especially with a former president, Hissene Habre, (soon?) to go on trial in Senegal for crimes against humanity.  (their current president, Idriss Deby, is one of Africa's enduring dictators...).

But look at the mountains below!  While it doesn't look like Chad is equipped with the infrastructure for  tourism, (and is suffering from food insecurity like many countries in the Sahel) I bet it gets some adventure travelers seeking a thrill.  Here are some neat sounding places to visit (I'd love to see a hippo though it seems their numbers are dwindling...).
Image source.  While I don't know if I could cut it out there - it would be cool to go to the actual source. Gorgeous!
Image source
Though the writing is a bit off, here's a happy article about a Nigerian student at Johns Hopkins University.  Relevance = Nigeria touches a tiny corner of Chad (Chad's mid-SW side).  Do you think Chad is Rad??

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