Wednesday, November 28, 2012

no day that won't arrive!

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Yesterday was a rough day.  But it's now passed and it means that I'm one day closer to seeing Abdoulaye (I'm headed to Senegal on Saturday to join him for his K-1 fiancé visa interview!).

As I look back on posts throughout this process, I can remember the specific days and how I felt - I'm so thankful for that even though at the time it was almost painful to write about missing Abdoulaye.  Writing about something that seemed such a long time away and now here I am less than a few days from seeing my love.  It is a great feeling.

Since I didn't do a things I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving, I'll do one for today.  Keep me grateful and present!
  1. I am in love with the tumblr What Should Peace Corps Volunteers Call Me.  It makes me laugh out loud every time I visit.  
  2. It doesn't get much better than dried lavender.  Yum!  Now I want to visit a lavender farm like this one in Virginia!
  3. Don't you love this awesome head piece (for the wedding!)?  
  4. Letters from friends (especially ones that are so timely :)
  5. Yunalis Zarai - her music makes me feel calm every time. 
  6. Nashville!  Cassie and I are enjoying this as a wind-down to the day :) 
Any treasures in your life you're especially thankful for these days?


  1. I'm thankful for your blog - it keeps me updated with what is going on in your life! Yay for the interview!

    I'm enjoying the show Nashville as well, but always thankful for How I Met Your Mother - makes me laugh every time.

    Have a great trip to Senegal!


  2. :) You're sweet! Thanks for reading, Missy! How I Met Your Mother is a good one, too - thanks for the well wishes, we'll keep you posted!

  3. woohoo! i'm so excited for you jennifer. after the interview, will you come back right away? how long until abdoulaye comes over?

    i loved that expression--lokhe bou xi mou na--and have kept it written down on my office wall at work since you first mentioned it. great message.


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