Monday, March 26, 2012

With love from Mali

The boys making zamé du pays.. :)

Our dining area/hallway and new table!  Bathroom at the end and bedroom to the right

Feeling stripe-y in the courtyard
It has now been five days since the coup.  While folks protest in Bamako, the situation in the north is steadily worsening and it just feels like Mali has only taken leaps backward with this coup.  What were the junta thinking??

Meanwhile, Abdoulaye and I continue to hang at home.  We're excited for Senegal and their democratically elected president, Macki Sall.  We've been cooking and reading and eating and passing the time like snow days in America.  Sometimes it feels like we're getting ready for a hurricane in Virginia: filling buckets with water, making sure candles are at the ready, putting the flashlight by the door, stocking up on non-perishables, and charging our chargeables.  Then again, I don't think this unnatural disaster is just going to blow over.

Here is a link to some photos I took on the morning of Wednesday March 21, 2012 when a senior official from EDC came to visit a classroom implementing one of USAID/PHARE's approaches - the balanced literacy approach.  Come on, education!


  1. Your home is beautiful!! My favorite part is the yellow refrigerator :)

  2. Thanks chupsie! Lots of cold water and hibiscus juice and rice inside :)

  3. marija, i was about to say i love the yellow fridge. now i'll have to comment on something else.

    love your cute face, jennifer! hoping things improve.

  4. Nice house.... congrats on the property too.... We left Mali just a few days before the coup.... I had been saying for a few months that I was expecting something like this to happen and people thought I was over reacting.... It was so similar to what we saw in Ivory Coast..... Anyway, we will be back to Mali in October...But I paid up our rent etc until December because, as I thought things might get unstable and this will be "just in case".... Wish I was wrong. Anyway, our prayers for you all..... Andy


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