Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Putting down (some) roots

 In January Abdoulaye went to visit Esther (Annie's sister) and her husband, Paul, (pictured above) to visit and talk about purchasing a piece of land.  Then, as Abdoulaye says, 'le temps n'était plus au discours mais aux actes !' the time was no longer for speech but for action!  and he bought a piece of land.  The property measures 20x20m (a little over 1,300 square feet) and is situated to the left of the chief's house and to the right of the plot of land the Christians in the community purchased to eventually build a church.  Half of the land is on a slight incline (as you can maybe see) and down below is the Niger river (the harmattan winds are still blowing and everything is covered in a dusty haze these days).  We're excited to plan for a little house and the two trees we have on the property (a shea and a palm tree).  

The village is just outside of Koulikoro and about an hour from Bamako, Mali's capital.  We're not quite sure what the land will be to us - maybe a weekend getaway place or summer camp for when we have kids? - but it's nice to have an even more permanent connection to Mali.  We're also looking forward to having visitors!  :)  Any takers???

Abdoulaye writing his name on the little metal land-markers

:)  our first piece of land!

With Paul, Esther's husband (Esther is my host-mom from village, where I spent my first two years,'s younger sister)

Where's Abdoulaye?  Here are the limits of the property with Paul on the right and Abdoulaye in the back left (me in the front)

Chief of the village, Madou Samaké


  1. I LOVE IT!! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm happy for the trees! xoxo mom

  2. congratulations!! i think it looks beautiful!

  3. so when's the barn raising party? that's pretty awesome news! Can't wait to hang out this fall!

  4. Thank you all!! Can't wait to have you here :) Barn raising..good question...I'll keep you posted!


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