Monday, March 5, 2012

Africa from A-Z: Cameroon

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Time to jump back on the saddle with my Africa from A-Z series!  With school, coming back to Mali, and celebrating the day-to-day - I have been a little preoccupied.  But I am feeling back in the groove of things and excited to keep learning about the countries around me.

My experience with Cameroon is limited to a few friends that have lived there and/or visited.  The Peace Corps girls from Cameroon (including Claire) and my friend Fleurette who will be returning home to Cameroon this week (she hopes!).  She was a veterinary student with Abdoulaye, Massa, and Ousmane in Guinea and did her last year of research in Mali with Abdoulaye and Chantal.  I hope this post honors her country well!
I recently found the blog Africa is a Country and it is just what I was looking for.  Africa news (in English!) about the 'real' Africa.  Politics - yes - but real life, too.  Here are some music links including Cameroonian artist Yanigga.  

I want to learn more about the Chad/Cameroon oil pipeline financed by the World Bank.  The documentary Quel Souvenir is not yet finished by see the clip above to learn more.  Here is an interview with the makers of the film. 

More Cameroonian music .
Festivals in Cameroon.
Just in case you are looking to go to the movies in Cameroon - here is a map of the theaters!

Have you ever been to Cameroon?  Have any Cameroon news or tips to share?

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