Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Friends, Mud & Unity

Jordan, a friend from grad school, and Jonathan came to visit this weekend - their first stop on an East Coast extravaganza (Florida to New Hampshire!).  It was fun hosting our first out of town guests and hitting a few of the sites (Library of Congress & the Capitol) with them.
After I dropped them off, I headed to Loretta's place so we could go to the DMV - now she's a freshly minted, licensed driver!  Hurrah!  Then it was home again, home again before heading out to a Southern Africa picnic for a brief moment and then heading back home to get ready for a SIT dinner party.  Debie and Dan came over to celebrate Jordan & Jonathan (seems couples only date folks with their same first initial!)'s arrival.  I love love love when our home is filled to the brim with friends.  Makes a house feel like a home.

Sunday I met up with Meredith, Rabayah & Cassie to visit the Mali exhibit at the Natural History museum.  A bit disappointing (to me!) but wonderful to have a chance to get together with those ladies.  Then we headed back to Cassie's and my old stomping grounds for the 9-11 unity walk.  A filled-to-the brim weekend with real treasures.  
Rabayah fits right in (well, in that she smiles about Mali, too)!

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