Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yunalis Zarai and Bentley Brown: Music and the Immigrant experience

The job search continues!  (Aga Khan, World Learning, Friends of the Global Fight, World Resources Institute).  In between job searching, lunch with Memaw, and all the other in betweens that make life special, I have continued my blog reading.  I really do enjoy Africa is a Country (where I found these videos from Shola Ajayi - that I've now been able to watch!) and learned about Yunalis Zarai, a Malaysian artist (above) with songs being produced by Pharell Williams.  Listen to one of her songs - I'm sure you'll be hooked!  I also want to see Bentley Brown's movie 'Faisal Goes West.' (trailer below)  With OAA underway, the immigrant experience to the US is at the forefront of my thoughts.

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  1. Thanks for reading us at AIAC, Jennifer. Gorgeous photograph there of you (two!).


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