Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learning English in DC: Language ETC

Can you believe we're already over the hump of October?  Is it too early to call it November?  Yes, I know it is.  While time is moving both quickly and slowly, and sometimes just right, I am still impatient for the handsome man you see in the picture above to get here.  Fingers crossed Abdoulaye will be here before the end of the year!

And while it's hard being apart, I know the hurdles won't stop once Abdoulaye gets to the US as he adjusts to the language, culture and work environment here but at least we'll be on the same continent (and even in the same apartment!) to jump over them together.  Also, look at our outfits above.  I mean, come on, we've got the matchy-matchy thing going on so we can scratch that off our list!  Abdoulaye is also one of the most patient (if not the most patient) people I know so I am confident that little by little, everything will be just fine (maybe some of his patience is even rubbing off on me :)

Critical to his adjustment to the US will be his English language skills.  While Abdoulaye knew some English before we started dating, it was a little rough around the edges.  Now, we can carry on a slow, basic conversation without a problem - learning English is the least of my worries for my cutie-pie!  Abdoulaye also speaks Susu, French, Toma, Pular, Malinke and Bambara so I think he's got the language learning thing down-pat.

However, even though Abdoulaye's English is much better than when I first met him, he could still benefit from a few more classes once he gets here (couldn't we all!?).  Thus, I was thrilled when I learned about Language ETC, which is a "language, Education & Technology Center that offers adult immigrants in the Washington, DC area high-quality English language instruction."  And for cheap!  I learned about them through the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington newsletter, which was looking for conversation club volunteers, and poked around their website to learn more.  I checked out their brochure and here is an example of just how inexpensive their classes are:

September 10- December 6 (14 weeks of classes)
Monday-Thursday from 7-9 p.m. for $120.

That's 112 hours of English class for almost $1/hour.  Wowsas!  Check them out on Facebook,  tell all your friends and if you have time, check them out to volunteer (or take classes!).  Does anyone have any experience with Language ETC?  I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Great find! Can't wait to talk with Abdoulaye as he learns more and more English. I bet the Peace Corps and your own knack for finding connections will make things easier when he moves to an international city like DC.

    Love you!

  2. :) thanks, kate! fingers crossed for a smooth (and soon-happening!!) transition.

  3. that's a great deal! he's lucky to have such a proactive and supportive partner ;)

    when do you expect to hear news of his visa application?? the suspense is killing us all i think!! :)

  4. thanks Laura!! still waiting for news...hoping between November 8-15 his papers will move to Senegal and then he'll be here by Christmas (this is what we're hoping for!!) i'll certainly keep you posted on any developments though :)


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