Friday, March 8, 2013

with arms wide open

Brunch/lunch/lundin/fasting at Open City
Last weekend Abdoulaye and I were spoiled with visitors.  Sarah and Jackie came up to hang and Roshanak was with us for the day since she was in town to talk about this dance she choreographed, which is a tribute to Iranian political prisoners (wow!).

We lunched/brunched/afternoon ate at Open City (yum!) before walking home and working on wedding invitations (almost ready to ship out!).  Sarah brought French candy and a confetti game and Abdoulaye marveled at how much Jackie and I look alike.  Sweet weekends!  Looking forward to this one, too!

Jackie tells the bird to follow her!
Wow.  Abdoulaye, I love you.  Thanks for pretending to be like a bird in this front yard!

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