Wednesday, March 20, 2013

our little bunny: three weeks old

three weeks old
 I remember when Michael and Courtney called last year to say they were expecting.  Informal bets akin to the March madness currently taking place quickly ensued.  A boy or a girl??  we all asked ourselves.  On February 23rd, 2013, though we already knew the gender, we were blessed with Jarrett Michael's arrival.  He had already captured our hearts before coming and now that he's here, well, take a look at some of the pictures to see for yourself :)
our little leprechaun looks ready to watch the 8k!
 While it doesn't seem like Michael and Courtney have much choice with our boisterous family, I love how they let anyone (whose hands are washed!) hold their treasure.  I'm so excited to see how he develops and to watch him grow.  Any tips for new aunts??
with his aunties

Special treat alert!  Louise came down for a visit and we got to see Anna, too!!
 On Saturday we all went down to the beach to see Dad, Sheri & Dan race in the 8k Shamrock run.  It was fun cheering on the green runners and even better when we got out of the yucky weather just in the nick of time!
I just can't get over how wild  it must be to see your child have a child - my Mom here with her grandson
 On Saturday night, Louise, Abdoulaye and I headed to Blue Pete's with Mom & John.  Yummy food, fun atmosphere, beach music dancing.  Virginia Beach - you really are a treat!
Tonton Abdoulaye!
See a link to more photos here!


  1. Precious pictures to capture the heart!

  2. i love the pic of abdoulaye and the baby! adorable. i expect many more visits and many, many more pics of little jarrett in the months ahead. and i get to meet him at the wedding?


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