Monday, March 25, 2013

a fireball, applesauce and wizards

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Walking to the bus stop on Friday night on our way to celebrate Beatrice's birthday, Cassie, Abdoulaye & I chit chatted about education and development in Guinea.  Then, like the raccoon that I am, a shiny thing caught my eye.  I looked up and squealed "Look!  It's a shooting star!"  North and a little East, a stream of white light was shooting toward the city.   It was so close and was moving so slowly, and then disappeared so quickly, we soon agreed that it was a Cleveland Park firework (albeit just one and silent).

Then, Cassie was checking out the weather on Saturday morning and saw this article, which confirmed that what we saw was not a shooting star - it was a fireball!  How thrilling!  Almost as thrilling as Abdoulaye's discovery of applesauce thanks to Cassie :)

Tonight we're headed to a basketball game at the Verizon Center - go Wizards!  The snow on the ground this morning caught us off guard - I wasn't expecting anything since there have been so many false alarms!

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