Thursday, December 13, 2012

finding our way in washington

Image Source  (I paid $10 on Amazon)

Ready for Ruhi
I'm about to head to work for the second day after having spent the past week with Abdoualye in both Senegal and now in DC.  It's been a busy few days - on Monday we applied for our marriage license (if you're looking for how to get married in DC, the address for the marriage bureau is 500 Indiana Avenue, NW - 4th floor room 4485) and registered Abdoulaye for English classes at Language, ETC - conveniently located one street over from the Guinean Embassy!  

On Tuesday we visited two veterinary clinics near our apartment (Palisades Veterinary Clinic and Friendship Hospital for Animals) to see about volunteer opportunities while waiting for Abdoulaye's work authorization papers to come.  The volunteer opportunity I'm really hoping will come about is wearing a panda costume (with me as an escort for visitors) at the National Zoo during the lights festival.  Fingers crossed!

Today, Abdoulaye will come visit the office and join us for a building holiday party.  He's going to explore the town near my office using the book above, which he really likes.  Do you have a favorite Washington, DC guide? 
Christmas tree farm near the apartment :)


  1. so happy for you and abdoulye!! your days of waiting are over!

  2. Thank you Monica! For you, too! :) No tree for us...hopefully the fake trees at the parents' places will suffice!

  3. Love your blog. Returned to the DC area after the coup in Mali, so your stories are so relatable to me. My favorite DC guide is the Not For Tourists Guide to WASHINGTON DC

  4. Thanks for reading Eleanor, and for the advice! I love your blog and am looking forward to following it!


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