Monday, May 14, 2012

A little bit of this and that

We went to the Naro Cinema to see Delicacy - it was a real treat!
Cassie is here for a visit - I'm so spoiled!  We've been doing the things one does when in VB - hitting up the beach, cruising the strip, eating a lot of frozen yogurt, seeing movies at the Naro Cinema and eating practically non-stop.  Delightful!  
Mom made us asparagus/ham mini-casseroles!

Cape Henry Lighthouse-first federally funded project 
Cassie marvels at Virginia Beach dogs' ability to consume peanut butter at the Mt. Trashmore K-9 festival!
With Theresa and Amanda and their two pups (eyeing the peanut butter no doubt!)
Mother's Day lunch at Jade Villa - getting our Dim Sum and MSG quota
Transitioned to Mother's Day lun-din with Mom/Memaw!

<3 With Memaw who invited us over for lun-din for Mother's Day

How did you celebrate Mother's Day?  Any special plans for the week?  Of course we can't stop talking/thinking about Mali - read this and this for more information and please keep Mali in your thoughts/news feeds.  

We're hoping to visit the Chrysler Museum and the Botanical Gardens before Cassie has to go home - any other must-see/do recommendations for the Hampton Roads area?


  1. looks like a great weekend with the moms in your life & cassie!

  2. Happy mother day , it' not mother day in France yet , it' look like you had a great time .

    1. Thank you, Eve! I'd love to be in touch sometime by email about your thoughts on what is happening in Mali. My email is jennifermorgandavis [at] gmail [dot] com. Take care!


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