Sunday, April 8, 2012

Safe and Sound

This is how everyone felt after eating the banana olive oil cake Abdoulaye made (see center) his first cake!!
We're safe and sound and ready for our transition conference to begin.  Hoping Mali will pull through and get on track quickly.  It was hard to leave Mali (for a lot of reasons) but namely because most people in Mali don't see the 'bad' or the potential for it to come since life in Bamako clips along at a normal pace.  Maybe folks (read: expats) are being overly cautious, maybe not. In the meantime, I'm happy to be sharing a hotel room with my bestie Cassie and soaking up some AC.  I am also over the moon about a trip to Guinea next week to meet Abdoulaye's family.  Conakry, here I come!
A last minute dinner party to say bye for now.

Handy man fixing our fridge!!  

HoBOs strongly represented in this group.  Lucas, Karmen, me, Cassie, and Jake.  Woot!  We all came to Mali together in 2008 and 2012 finds us here all together again! (or found us, rather)

Do you see the heart shape?  San/Bamako/Mali love. 
With Yacouba Koné, my boss when I was an environment volunteer

Happy Easter!  Mom's Easter package arrived just in time - on Easter Sunday the day I left Mali :)


  1. Been thinking about all you HoBOs, and everybody else in Mali. Glad you are safe, sad you had to leave. Here's hoping for the best for you and Mali.

  2. Travel safe, m'dear! I'm looking forward to hear about your visit with your future in-laws. So crazy! Praying for as much good as possible to come out of this. xoxo

  3. Through all of this, I have been reconnected with several folks asking about your well-being! You brought Mali into our lives and alive in our lives! Be safe. Love, mom


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