Friday, April 27, 2012

A glimpse of Guinea

On our way to Room, an island off the coast of Conakry
12 days in Guinea with Abdoulaye (can't believe it's been three years since I went to Guinea and Sierra Leone with Cassie, Ashley, & Joe!).  Here's a glimpse of Guinea from this trip - more to come next week including some stories and a few more of my favorites from the trip.

I'm on my way back to Virginia Beach now via an Amtrak train and looking forward to seeing my family and collapsing into bed for some much needed rest.  Anyone have an leads on jobs in international education/communications/education advocacy in the DC/Virginia/Baltimore area?  I'm searching!

If you can't wait for more pictures to come up on the blog, click here to see our album of photos!

With Nna, Abdoulaye's mom, Aicha, Abdoulaye's sister and a friend of Aicha's

(l to r) Nna, me, Aicha, Baba, Massiré (other older sister), Abdoulaye
Baba is cute, n'est-ce pas?
Friends over for a bon voyage dinner party for me the night I left!  What treasures!

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