Thursday, December 1, 2011

Living on Wollersheim Time!

Mali muso-ni

In her first complet!

I hopped on a flight to Phoenix yesterday and this is the good-looking family that awaited me!  Joe & Ashley were volunteers in Mali with me and I feel so blessed (along with my other treasure of PC Mali friends!!!) to call them friends.  We've had some fun adventures and lots of laughs.  And they didn't mess around when they came home - they got pregnant and had this treasure of a baby you see in these pictures - Mia Rose!  She's 7 months old now and hasn't stopped smiling since I met her (not because of me - she is just a really smiley baby!).  She also has her Dad's wiggles!  I'm looking forward to spending the next week and change with them - lucky, lucky me!!

All smiles and cheeks!


  1. Wollersheims look terrific! Please give them my love! xoxo mom

  2. And they're even more terrific in the flesh! They send their love back to you!

  3. Beautiful baby! I recognize that fabric too! nice find.

  4. :) thanks! i tried to die it back to the original purple for you but was unsuccessful. isn't she perfect!?!?!


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