Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Morocco in Love

Abdoulaye and I traveled to Morocco in October. We got engaged, traveled the country by train and put our hands in the Atlantic Ocean together for the first time. Here's our video.

And here are some of my favorite pictures:

Here are more of our pictures from Fez and Meknes and from pictures Rabat


  1. I'm so so late commenting on this, but you two are just radiant in this video! Who wouldn't fall in love with you?! Congratulations to you both! :D

  2. Wow this is beautiful! Stumbled on your blog and it totally inspired me. I'm the midst of wedding planning right now...may have to make an engagement video :D

  3. Hi Maggie! Thanks for stumbling/reading! Good luck with your wedding planning and I say definitely go for the video - my family loves watching it and I think it will be a neat addition to our ceremony. Not to mention a great memory from our engagement!


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