Wednesday, May 1, 2013

what a weekend!

Getting ready for Cassie's prom
After spending much of the end of winter and early Spring away from DC, I've loved the past two weekends when we've been home.  The weather has been fantastic and it's fun to feel like you're still exploring where you live, which I don't think will change anytime soon.

Friday kicked off with a lovely dinner with our friend Alys - I love Eastern Market!  On Saturday I nested around the apartment while Abdoulaye met with friends to prepare for an upcoming conference.  Cassie got ready for a school function (isn't she a stunner??) and Abdoulaye and I headed to Georgetown to see The Big Wedding with BOGO tickets I found online (woot!).  It was cute though I'm glad we got BOGO tickets since it wasn't fabulous :)
Georgetown by night.  
I'm so excited about May finally being here!  Can't believe Abdoulaye's and my wedding is right around the corner (well, our official wedding :)  Lots of exciting things just around the river bend - so thankful for the groove I'm finding myself in these days.
The canal.

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